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Have you ever been stuck in a ditch? Do not fear, you are not alone. There have been many incidents where vehicle owners have become stranded in snow banks or ditches. Moreover, most vehicles aren’t equipped to handle these types of situations. At times like these, a winch would be beneficial.

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There are several ways to free a stuck vehicle, but winching is the easiest and most common. If you need roadside assistance, a company with well-equipped winching capabilities, such as Quick Southfield Towing, should be able to provide reliable and prompt service.

How does winching work exactly, and when is it necessary? The following is a short overview of winching, highlighting what it involves, when you might need it, and whether it is safe for your car.

What Is A Winch?

A winch is a type of roadside assistance service that involves pulling a vehicle out of a precarious situation using a motorized axle and a strong cable. With the help of a roadside assistance service, such as Quick Southfield Towing, a heavy-duty towing cable is anchored safely to the undercarriage of your car. A number of factors will determine where the cable is attached to the undercarriage of your vehicle, including access to the undercarriage and the condition of the car. As soon as the cable has been attached to your vehicle, an electric or hydraulic motor will be used to pull the cable towards the truck, safely and slowly pulling your car out of the snow bank, ditch or other dangerous situation.

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When Do I Need A Winch?

The use of winching may be necessary if other roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services fail. Before resorting to winching a vehicle from a dangerous situation, most wrecker services employ conventional towing methods.

Whenever a vehicle becomes stuck on a steep incline or in a dangerous situation, like a flood or serious damage, it is safer and easier to attach a winch to the vehicle and winch it out of the situation rather than driving or towing it out.

Most roadside assistance services offer winching as an effective and safe vehicle recovery method. Winching can be used by professional roadside assistance personnel without damaging your vehicle or its undercarriage since they have the skill, expertise, and training needed.

Sometimes, winching is a safer and easier method of recovery than traditional towing or recovery.

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